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Fun facts you didn't know about Leap Day and more!

Take the leap. Book your tour today.

Happy Leap Day!

This day comes only once every four years, and we're happy to be celebrating it with you! Leap Day isa great opportunity to do something bold to take advantage of the extra day in the year. Of course, we have a suggestion...

Take the leap and book a tour with Maranatha today!


In addition to the excitement of Leap Day, today is the last day for you to take advantage of some of our limited-time travel incentives.

Keep reading to see our top pick for a tour to book today, as well as details on those last-call travel incentives AND some fun Leap Day trivia!


Take the Leap

Path of the Apostles Italy Special - Limited SpaceOUR TOP PICK:

Path of the Apostles Italy Special

December 2-9, 2024
$3,949 $3,799

Join us in Italy this December! We're currently offering $150 off on this tour special. Space is limited, so take the leap and book now!




Last Call on Travel Incentives

These special offers end TODAY! Take advantage of them while you still can!

Early Payment DiscountsEarly Payment Discounts
Get a 10% discount off your tour price for every dollar paid above the $500 initial deposit (up to $150 total discount!).

Waived & Reduced FeesWaived & Reduced Fees
We are waiving credit card processing fees for all payments made through February. Starting in March, the fees will be 3%. In 2025, they will return to 5%.



Leap Day Trivia

Leap Day Julius Caesar
The first Leap Year was introduced in 46 BC by Julius Caesar! The timing was still off until 1582, when Pope Gregory XIII introduced the Gregorian Calendar we use today.


Leap Day Unlucky for Love
February 29 is considered unlucky for love in some cultures...except in Ireland, where the day marks a special opportunity for women to propose to men!


Leap Day Leaplings
People born on February 29 are known as leaplings! Perhaps to offset the woes of a birthday coming only once every four years, leaplings are believed to possess special talents.