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9 Days on the Path of Peter & Paul

2023-07-27 Email Header

Join us in Greece & Italy in April 2024!

Peter and Paul traveled thousands of miles on their missionary journeys, preaching the word of God in Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel, and beyond. With Maranatha Tours, you can follow in the path of these great missionaries on a spiritual journey of your own! Why not get started with Greece and Italy this coming April? Let's go!




Breathtaking Views

The impressive monasteries of Meteora are just one of many must-see locations we'll take you to!




Historical Sites

We'll visit Pompeii, Athens, Corinth, the Arch of Constantine, and many other sites of religious and world history.


Saint Peter's Basilica

Cultural Landmarks

What do Saint Paul's Basilica and the Library of Athens have in common? One answer: They're both centers of cultural significance. Better answer: You'll see them both on this trip!



Ready to take the trip of a lifetime? Click here to book your tour of Greece and Italy TODAY, or give us a call at 602-788-8864 to learn more!