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What has the most biblical sites AND our best special price?

2024-03-21 Turkey Special Header

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Q: What has more biblical sites than in any other country AND our lowest tour special price?

A: Our Seven Churches of Revelation Turkey special in November for just $2,799!

Did you know that Turkey is known as the second Holy Land? There are more biblical sites in Turkey than in any other country, and on our Seven Churches of Revelation Turkey special coming up this November, you'll get to see all the highlights!

Not only will you visit the sites of each of the Seven Churches, but you’ll also visit the actual places that the New Testament letters were penned or received. You can read your way through the New Testament, or you can bring it to life with an all-inclusive trip to where it all took place.

We only have 20 seats left on the tour. Register now and save your spot on this limited-space trip, or keep reading to learn more about the tour!



A Sneak Peek of Your Tour...

Turkey_HagiaSophia_1The legendary Hagia Sophia (originally known as Megale Ekklesia or “Great Church”), the symbol of Constantinople and Istanbul. From the 6th century to the 15th century, Hagia Sophia served as an Eastern Orthodox cathedral and the seat of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. Today it is a museum, where 12 centuries of beautiful mosaics are on display.



Turkey_Sardis_1At Sardis we explore the white marble Royal Road, the massive Temple of Artemis, the Bath-Gymnasium, and the famous Sardis Synagogue (Revelation 3:1-6). Here at the synagogue, ongoing archaeological expeditions by Harvard and Cornell Universities have unearthed over 80 Greek and 7 Hebrew inscriptions as well as numerous mosaic floors.



Turkey_Pamukkale_1One special stop on our tour of Turkey is the "cotton castle" of Pamukkale, where we dip our feet in the thermal waters that flow down the hilltop’s unique white travertine terraces. At the summit we also explore the archaeological remains of Hierapolis, a significant site of early Christianity thanks to Paul’s missionary efforts here (Colossians 4:13).



Turkey_LibraryOfCelsus_1Located in the modern town of Selcuk, ancient Ephesus is one of the most well-preserved archaeological sites in Turkey. Originally an ancient Greek Ionic city built in the 10th century BC, Ephesus grew to be one of the largest metropolises in the Roman Empire. Ephesus also played a vital role in the spread of Christianity. as early as the first century AD.



Turkey_Pergamum_1Pergamum was one of the most powerful and wealthy cities in the ancient world. On our tour we'll see the Great Theatre (entertaining up to 10,000 spectators in its day), the remains of the famous Library of Pergamum, and more!



Turkey_Troy_1On our last full day in Turkey, we'll explore the remains of the legendary city of Troy. Settled as early as 3000 BC, Troy was made famous by Homer’s Iliad. Today, a reconstructed Trojan Horse is on display in the modern city of Troy.



And so much more!

Visit our website to learn more about the sites you'll see when you book your all-inclusive Christian tour of Turkey TODAY!