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A Spiritual Journey to Turkey & More

Path of the Apostles: Following the Journeys of Peter & Paul

"What thou seest, write in a book, and send it unto the seven churches" (Revelation 1:11)

Did you know that there are more biblical sites in Turkey (also known as the "second Holy Land") than in any other country? On a Maranatha Tours trip to Turkey, not only will you visit the site of each of the Seven Churches, but you'll also visit actual places that the New Testament letters were penned and received. Imagine being in Ephesus, site of so many teachings that establish our salvation.


Topkapi Palace9 Day Turkey Tour

Visit the Seven Churches of Revelation and more on Maranatha Tours' most popular Turkey excursion! With extension options including a Bosphorus cruise or an exploration of Cappadocia, this is the best option for the full Turkey experience.


Dolmabahce Palace13 Day Israel & Turkey Tour

Looking to go on a classic Maranatha Israel tour, but spice things up a little? Try our Holy Land & Beyond: Israel and Turkey tour and get the best of both worlds in the Holy Land (Israel) AND the second Holy Land (Turkey) all in less than 2 weeks!


Obelisk of Theodosius12 Day Israel, Turkey, & Greece Tour

If you're interested in following the path of the apostle Paul, this is the tour for you! Visit Israel, Turkey, AND Greece in one incredible package. You'll get the biggest variety in sites and culture on this trip!