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Join us on our Path of Paul Greece Tour & Cruise Special!

Path of Paul Greece Tour & Cruise Special

Greece is a land rich with ancient architecture and world history. It's also home to countless sites of early Christianity, places where the literal pillars of ancient Greece witnessed the birth of doctrines that in turn became pillars of the Gospel as we know it today.

On our Path of Paul Greece Tour & Cruise Special coming up this November, you'll get an up-close, expertly-guided viewing of all these must-see locations in Greece. Register now and save your spot, or keep reading to learn more about this special trip!


KavalaPaul landed at Kavala (Neapolis) coming from Troas. This ancient city was renamed Christoupolis because it was the first European city to accept Christianity.



PhilippiAt the ruins of ancient Philippi we'll see the baptism site, a crypt where Paul may have been imprisoned, the Acropolis, Basilica, and more.



MeteoraWe'll visit Meteora, a cluster of pillars of rock, and the “Hanging Monasteries” perched on top of rock cliffs. There were a series of 24 monasteries constructed upon the spires of stone.



DelphiIn Delphi we'll visit the Temple of Apollo, where Paul must have spoken to the people about the Living God, as well as the Theater, the Athenian Treasury, and the Castalian Spring.



AthensOur tour of Athens includes the Acropolis, University, the Academy, the National Library, the Temple of Zeus, the Panathenian Stadium, Omonia Square, Constitution Square, and the Royal Palace.



CorinthAt ancient Corinth we'll visit the Museum, the Bema of St. Paul, the Doric Temple of Apollo, the Askeleion, Agora, Lechaion Road, and the Peirene Fountain.




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