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Plans for December? Join us on our Path of the Apostles Italy Special!

2024-02-15 Italy Special Header

Italy is home to both fascinating sites of Christianity and incredible works of beauty and art. On our Path of the Apostles Italy Special in December 2024, you'll get an up-close, expertly-guided viewing of all these must-see locations! Register now and save your spot, or keep reading to learn more about this special trip!


PozzuoliPozzuoli on the Bay of Naples is where the apostle Paul first entered the mainland of the Roman Empire (Acts 28:13).


Amalfi CoastThe Amalfi Coast is widely considered to be Italy's most scenic stretch of coastline, with a landscape of towering bluffs and pastel-hued villages.


PompeiiBuried under a layer of ashes and pyroclastic flow by a sudden eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD, Pompeii shows us Roman life frozen in the time of the apostles Peter and Paul.


Colosseum"I must see Rome" (Acts 19:21). Among the many sights to see in Rome is the Colosseum, a stage for the historical fights of the gladiators.


Saint Peter's BasilicaSaint Peter's Basilica features a Michelangelo's stunning Madonna della Pietà and a 10-story-tall bronze canopy over the basilica's altar. Nearby are the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel - beauty all around!


Saint Paul Outside the WallsSaint Paul Outside the Walls and the adjoining basilica are not only spiritually rich; the bones of Paul have been recently located here (2 Timothy 4:6-8).



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